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6:00 a.m. crew

Senior Jack Combs squats 315 pounds while senior Troy Schneider spots him.
A select group of students and athletes arrive to school at 6 a.m, here is why
December 17, 2018

Entering into an empty school, Seniors Jack Combs and Troy Schneider head into the silent locker room. This is an every morning occurence for the members of the 6 a.m. crew. The 6 a.m. crew is a group...

From A.P. to RPG

Rather than lectures and PowerPoints English teacher Nick Dressler makes his classroom a video game.
December 10, 2018

In classroom 218, A.P. English students are all playing a newly released role-playing game. They team up, converse, argue, and debate over ways to advance in the game. They all work on various different...

Video: Christmas on Campus

December 7, 2018

Spartan Violinist

Freshman Emmet Concanon plays his violin. This past summer Concanon traveled with an orchestra across Europe.
November 2, 2018

As he strikes the first chord, the crowd quickly quiets down in the old church resting in the snow-capped Swiss Alps. Eyes open wide and smiles begin to grow on the bystander’s faces as he starts playing...

A day in the life of President Dr. Corey Quinn

Dr. Corey Quinn greets senior Jay Dolan before school. “I'll say it till I'm blue in the face, the best part of my day every day is standing out in front of Emerson and saying hi to you guys,” Quinn said. “I just wish I had more time to be in your presence. It’s the best part of my job.”
September 28, 2018

When interviewing Dr. Corey Quinn for the position of president in 2008 at La Salle middle school, the board of trustees asked him where he would see himself in 10 years. He responded, “As the president...

Senior takes reinventing himself to a whole new level

Senior Jack Trusler in character as Larry Stovewader, a professional warm body. He creates characters in his Advanced Acting and Directing class.
September 26, 2018

A tall, middle-aged man silently creeps into the room and politely introduces himself as Larry Stovewader, a professional warm body. Larry explains that he can be hired to make events such as parties,...

Dealing with Type I Diabetes in high school

Senior Matt Linomaz holds out his
September 25, 2018

At the age of ten, senior Matt Linomaz was on his way to Florida when he first noticed something was wrong. On the plane, he was really thirsty, could not sit still, and started getting agitated without...

Meet the New Teachers

The new teachers answer a few fun questions from the Mirror staff. (From left to right:) Biology and sophomore soccer coach John Reyes '94, Assistant Director of Admissions Maria Lang, ASC Theology teacher Ethan Valencia, Assistant Principal and English 
 2 teacher Peter Musso '89, chaplain and Service Projects Team Coordinator Fr. Chris Schroeder, S.J. '00
September 14, 2018

Sophomore gains experience from starting own business

March 7, 2018

A loud whirr fills the room, as he turns on the machine. A laser singes the block of wood in front of him as three very fine letters appear. Sophomore Sebastian Martin has his own laser engraving business...

The daily grind

Matthew Hilmer competes for De Smet in a freestyle event at the Ladue Invitational in 2015. Hilmer is now competes at the club level as he prepares to swim at the college level.
February 8, 2018

He wakes up at 4:30 am, aching in pain from the practice the night before, every ounce of his body telling him to go back to sleep. Ignoring the temptation, he prys himself out of bed. He then drives 30...

Dog days

Sothers sits on the far left while holding Ginger as Lizzy looks off into the distance
December 12, 2017

In spite of being at an all boys school, Ginger and Lizzy attend class like it’s their own. And at the end of the day, they are finally let outside and are able to relieve themselves at the bewilderment...

Retracing steps

Paddling to Wreck Island, two canoes race to the next stop.
Canoe pilgrimage sparks a student's spiritual experience
August 29, 2017

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