Hunting has become a way of life for senior


Mike Ulman

Senior Jack Ulman stands in a duck blind while going hunting.

Andrew Farrar, Staff Writer

It’s Saturday morning at 4 A.M. Most high school students are home and comfy in bed, but not Senior Jack Ulman. He is outside in a variety of harsh temperatures, doing the thing he loves to do, hunt.

“Sitting in a chair or stand for four or five hours, everything starts to hurt and freeze,” Jack said. “You see a deer, everything stops, everything goes still, like seconds before taking a faceoff.”

Jack hunts for the thrill he gets after chasing an animal, and the art of lining up the perfect shot.

“It brings me back to nature,” Jack said. There’s something special that happens when you’re hunting, it takes you to a primitive state. You get that adrenaline rush, then the itch for more.”

Hunting has been a part of Jack’s life since his father took him deer hunting when he was six.

“I just sat with him,” Jack said. “Eventually I got my hunter’s certification and became able to hunt with him, and by myself whenever I wanted.”

As Jack gets older he and his father spend their free time together hunting whatever animal is in season.

“It is an opportunity to spend more time with my son,” Mike Ulman said. “Soon he will be off to college and these opportunities will become more elusive.”

To Jack hunting is a lost art, and is something that he wants to preserve and make more fun for the next generation of hunters.

“I try to make it more enjoyable for the younger hunters,” Jack said. “I let them shoot first, so they feel more involved and get more enjoyment out of a hunting trip”

In his spare time, Jack works as a hunting guide and has no plans of slowing down as he goes to college.

“Hunting just feels right,” Jack said. “Getting connections and building relationships mean everything in the hunting world and is something I love to do.”