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Q&A with the President

Michael Dolan, Staff Writer
September 21, 2020

Q: What is your name and title? A: My name is Kevin Ruder and I am the interim president at De Smet Jesuit. Q: What was your job prior to this? A: I have been in branding and marketing for about 22 years and then took a year off to do this. I was with Anheuser-Busch, then after that I was with a company called “901 Tequila.” Q: What was the reasoning behind you switching jobs? A: I have...

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Mass of the Holy Spirit Preview

Ra'Shod Smith-Harvey, Staff Writer
September 17, 2020

De Smet will conduct a Mass of the Holy Spirit Friday on the turf in what will be the first gathering of the entire school together. “The Mass of the Holy Spirit is a tradition in Jesuit schools that goes back several hundred years,” Campus Ministry Director William Manaker, S.J. said. “It's a tradition of beginning the academic year by calling upon the Holy Spirit to ask for guidance, grace,...

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Reasoning for masks, lanyards for all students

Thomas Dolan, Staff Writer
September 16, 2020

Due to COVID-19 masks and lanyards are mandatory for all students and faculty. “They provide an extra layer of security in a landscape that demands that we be more vigilant about protecting teachers and students,” Dean of Students Peter Lenzini said. “We have not yet determined whether we will continue to use them after the masks become unnecessary.” De Smet followed this notion after...

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Remote learning will eliminate snow days

Jack Venneman, Web Editor
September 14, 2020

You flush ice cubes down the toilet, put a spoon under your pillow, and keep your fingers crossed. You wait anxiously for the two words that every student loves to hear, “snow day!” Unfortunately, students may not be hearing those words very often anymore. With new remote learning procedures on the rise at every school in America, every student's favorite day, a snow day, may be in jeopardy. Everyone...

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How COVID-19 impacts our faith

Jack Venneman, Web Editor
September 9, 2020

Looking to God during difficult or troubling times is hard to do for some people who may not look for his guidance regularly. All the negativity coming from COVID-19 creates stress and unwanted thoughts for many people. It has not just impacted our faith lives, it has impacted everyone’s entire life as a whole. For so long, the followers of Christianity have used traditional methods to meet through...

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College visits working different this year

Ryan Flavin, Staff Writer
September 8, 2020

A lot of things have changed this year due to COVID-19 starting with school, sports, and life in general. Along with these things college visits have changed too. All college visits have been moved to Virtual visits through Zoom. “There is a complete listing of colleges who are hosting virtual visits for De Smet students on Naviance,” College Counselor Dave Boland said. “I pull out the ones...

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