Theater to present a “chill” performance

Clark Chamberlin, Staff Writer

The De Smet Dionysian Players will perform a new show, “Be More Chill” in the Thomas Hunter JR Memorial Theater Feb. 24-26 at 7:00 PM. The musical is set in a high school with the main character being a social outcast who takes a pill containing a nanocomputer to help him fit in.

“Imagine that Keanu Reeves tells you everything you’re supposed to do,” Theatre Director Kurt Knoedelseder said. “In order to be more chill, to fit in with the cool group, to get the girl, to not be ignored anymore.”

The musical is based on a young adult novel by the same name.

“Everyone in the show is extremely talented and passionate, and it’s gonna show in our final performances.”

— Chris Schilligo-Wheeler '22

“It deals with drinking, peer pressure, a longing to fit in, sexuality, all the things that high school kids deal with all the time,” Knoedelseder said. “You also see that even the cool kids are dealing with things you would never know of because of their outside persona.”

Senior Chris Schilligo plays the lead, Jeremy Heere. Senior Seamus Flanagan plays the Keanu Reeves figure, and Senior Dominic Del Pietro plays Jeremy’s best friend.

Schilligo, who has been acting since 7th grade, has been practicing since June of last year for this, his first, lead role.

“Once [Schilligo] heard what we were going to do for the musical, I think he really busted his butt to be ready for this audition,” Knoedelseder said.” I think he did an awful lot of prep to make sure that he was going to have a strong audition.”

Tickets are $10, available here, or at the door until sold out.

“Everyone in the show is extremely talented and passionate,” Schilligo said, “and it’s gonna show in our final performances.”