School moves to new schedule

Five day weeks to begin


Ra'Shod Smith-Harvey

De Smet will be going back to school five days a week beginning Monday, Nov. 16.

Ra'Shod Smith-Harvey, Staff Writer

In a school-wide email sent on November 11th, De Smet announced that school will be five days a week beginning Monday, November 16th.

“We want students to have more class time so we are able to achieve more of our desired learning outcomes,” Assistant Principal for Academics Chris Williams said. “One was to allow for some additional class days for students to prepare for the exams and projects at the end of the semester. The other is that we felt like we accomplished the desired outcomes for the fall Formation Fridays.”

There will not be any more Formation Fridays until the 4th quarter. The wintertime doesn’t allow for the school to do Formation Friday activities in any outdoor setting.

“We don’t think it is a good idea to extend the current school schedule to longer classes, so we are adding more days to the weeks where we can,” Mr. Williams said. “The first five day week starts with A2/B6 because the previous week ends with A1/B5.”

Online learning for students will be different with this extra fifth day.

“We will still have an online learning option for students so this change will not impact that,” Mr. Williams said.