Shadow visits being conducted safely

A look into how a shadow’s experience has been altered


Anthony Grant

Students walk on the correct side of the hallways to stay spread out and help lower the chances of Spreading the Corona Virus.

Drew Insco, Staff Writer

De Smet typically hosts 15 shadows a day, but due to COVID-19, the Admissions Department has reduced it to five a day, three days a week.

As the year continues and as health restrictions change, so does De Smet’s plan to keep moving forward with in person shadow visits. The Admissions Department hopes to capitalize on all opportunities that allow shadows to have the most accurate experience of being a student at De Smet.

“Mrs. Lang and I really wanted to put an emphasis on meeting shadows and their families,” Director of Admissions Tim Sullivan said. “Creating a personal relationship with every student has always been a goal of ours, because De Smet strives to have a comfortable and beneficial learning environment.”

Shadows have typically been paired with an individual guide, but as the school is getting more comfortable with shadows in the building, the school is trying to transition back to one on one guides.

“It creates an accurate representation of a day at De Smet.” Assistant Director of Admissions Maria Lang said. “Pairing shadows with students also shows a wider display of classes at De Smet, because students can go class to class with their guide, instead of going to a class just because there is space in the classroom.”

Shadow visit times are from 9:45am-1pm. Shadows see two classes, including a lunch period, a recess period on the De Smet field, and a student guided tour of the building.

The Admissions Department has also decided to start hosting family shadow programs during the evenings.

“Families can come to De Smet, meet teachers and students, get a better feel for De Smet and whether or not it will be a good fit for their son/sons.” Mrs. Lang said “Families get to go on a tour of the building, along with dinner to go, made by the De Smet Cafe.”

Catholic elementary students need to have a first and second choice by November 16th. Public and non-Catholic religious schools need to apply by the 15th.

“We have an open enrollment until our seats get filled,” Mr. Sullivan said. “Our goal is usually about 180 Freshmen per class.”

The Admissions Department will continue to host shadow visits and Family shadow visits up to the end of the Semester.

“Ultimately we want our shadows to make a connection with students, teachers, coaches, and community. De Smet Jesuit is built upon relationships and community.” Mr. Sullivan said. “We want them to get a glimpse of what it’s like to visit a Jesuit school where we treat them like family while we care for them as an individual.”