Get to know the new nurse

A look into why a nurse is needed on campus


Drew Insco

Nurse Molly Deveruex tests Senior Ryan Flavin’s temperature.

Drew Insco, Staff Writer

De Smet has gotten a new nurse for the 2020-2021 school year. They made this change because of the COVID-19 pandemic to help the students overall health and keep a look out for possible cases.

Nurse Molly Deveruex is a Maryville Nursing graduate. This is the first year De Smet has had a nurse in school history.

“Because of this Covid pandemic, it is helpful and valuable to have a nurse in the school,” Mrs. Deveruex said. “As well as being able to educate and assist students who have had chronic conditions that have never been flagged before.”

Dean of Students Peter Lenzini believes that the addition of a new nurse is going to be very beneficial for the De Smet community in the long run.

“De Smet has always had an athletic trainer in the building to deal with emergencies but,” Mr. Lenzini said. “De Smet has been contemplating the idea of hiring a nurse and then Covid-19 hit and that was the deciding factor.”

Nurse Deveruex is at school from 8:30AM-3PM. Her office is located in the De Smet Chapel’s back door, right next to Spartan Hall.

“It is very beneficial to all the students when they may not be feeling good, they do not just have to sit in class feeling bad,” senior Tommy Deneault said. “They have a person to go to and they can receive help for whatever may be bothering them.”