Phone pouches return for second semester

The controversial phone pouches have come back for another semester


Will Hanson

Teachers are beginning to crack down on phones not being in the pouches.

Jack Venneman, Web Editor

The phone pouches in classrooms will be returning for the second semester of the 2019-2020 school year.

Students have produced mixed emotions at school about the controversial phone pouches, used to prevent distractions for students during class and make for an enhanced learning experience.

“The phone pouches were very controversial at the beginning of the year when they were first released,” Junior Kevin Korte said. “They still get joked about or made fun of sometimes but they make a better classroom environment for students to learn as much as possible.”

The punishment remains the same for the second semester. Failing to put your phone in the pouch will result in a J.U.G. automatically. Teachers are beginning to crack down more on students trying to get away with not putting their phone in the pouch.

“I think it matters if the person is blatantly not putting their phone in the pouch,” Junior Kyle Stockmann said. “But some people genuinely forget to put them in sometimes and get a J.U.G. for being forgetful.”

Teachers continue to see the positive impact that the phone pouches are having on student performance in the classroom.

“For someone in the past who struggled with student phone use within academic times, it has made a difference,” Theology teacher Tony Plein said. “My hope is that going into the second semester, students experience will continue to be that they can see the value of having them in the pouches during class.”