A virtual trophy room

All state titles being implemented to school website


Kevin Berns

The De Smet website will feature a new page called the Trophy Room where every state trophy will be featured.

Donovan Hughes, Staff Writer

Hoping to pay homage to those who came before, De Smet Student Network Moderator John Hawkey and Publications Adviser Kevin Berns are leading a project to display De Smet’s athletic achievements. To them, the best way is to show it.

“It will be a way to give honor to guys who came before,” Mr. Hawkey said. “It will be a way to share our history, not only state championships but all of our successes.”

While this project was only green-lighted by the creation of the new athletics website, it has been an idea for Mr. Hawkey for a long time. Mr. Berns and his team have been in charge of gathering the information.

“It’s awesome work but it’s time-consuming,” Mr. Hawkey said. “There’s just a lot of stuff to go through and the details in the 70s and 80s there’s just that much information so getting the records of the seasons and all the details have been difficult.”

It will be called Trophy Room when it debuts in February and will have ways to sort either by year, placement, and sport.

“I think old alums will appreciate this,” Mr. Berns said. “Being able to look at De Smet’s website and seeing their accomplishments with their brothers. It shows our community that we appreciate and support those who sacrificed for De Smet and its future.”

There have been many challenges with this but all those involved have found pride in their work. They also hope that’s this will bring pride to students’ past and future.

“I hope people love it,” Mr. Hawkey said. “I hope this will help others appreciate where we come from. I think this will make a lot of people proud of who we are and what we are.”

Each picture will come with a list of coaches, records, and a short story.

“There will not be a way to see all the members of the teams,” Mr. Hawkey said. “Everyone will only be able to see the names of the members of state championship teams since we can see their names in our papers. For most of the teams, we will have an article from The Mirror about them.”

The history of De Smet is the biggest part of the trophy room with both teachers hoping that this will help the future of this school’s accomplishments.

“We got more state championships then years being a school,” Mr. Hawkey said. “It’s a big accomplishment for the school. It shows the dedication that is the De Smet Spartan family.”