Urinal dividers installed for second semester


Michael Dolan

Urinal dividers are set in both of the second floor bathrooms. The Ignatian Business Leaders club raised the funds to pay for the project.

Michael Dolan, Design Editor

The Ignitious Business Leaders (IBL) installed urinal dividers in bathrooms at De Smet this semester. Prior to this semester, there were no dividers between the urinals at school. The IBL has 1,000 dollars to give to the school and they decided to put it towards urinal dividers.

The idea came to Junior IBL leader Michael Cutler and Senior Roger Melton during a meeting after hearing multiple complaints during his entirety of time as a student, so he decided there must be a change.

“I definitely think the students will like it,” Cutler said. “Everyone results in going into the urinal at the end or go into the stalls instead.”

The IBL obtained the money for this idea through concession stands, selling English books, and other business ventures.

“I think it is fantastic,” Junior Jake Capellupo said. “It makes the bathroom time much more efficient and nobody will be waiting for the stalls to use the restroom.”

The first dividers were installed in the bathroom in Emerson lobby and every toilet will have its own divider. The students will also look at the school for some money since the 1,000 dollars will not cover it all.

“They are actually a nice sight in the bathroom,” Junior Ethan Bochantin said.“This will change the way we use the bathroom for years to come.”