Phone pouches proving to be useful

An update on this year’s new phone policy


Connor Pohl

The phone pouches may be proving to be useful.

Drew Hollman, Staff Writer

The students are into their fourth month with the new policy and are getting a feel for how it works and its effectiveness.

“I think they definitely change the atmosphere in the classroom,” History and Theology teacher Tony Plein said. “I think they communicate to the students how important it is to us as a school.”

English teacher Nick Dressler backs up De Smet with the policy but would like to see a scenario where the students actively choose to put the phone away.

“There is a point in your academic career when you are going to have to make that decision,” Dressler said. “Whether it’s at home when you are doing homework or when you’re in college, you’re not going to have someone taking the phone.”

The punishment for not having a phone in a pouch during academic periods will result in one J.U.G.

“I think there should be a three-strike rule for demerits,” Junior Paul Bytnar said. “If it’s the third time you haven’t put your phone on the pouch then you would get a J.U.G.”

Dean of Students Peter Lenzini implemented the rule to help students to focus better and for teachers to have more freedom in the classroom.

“I think the new policy is going very well,” Lenzini said. “I’ve been really heartened and pleasantly surprised in the conversations with students that students are quick to say that there isn’t value-added to having your phone in your pocket.”