6:00 a.m. crew

A select group of students and athletes arrive to school at 6 a.m, here is why


Jack Windler

Senior Jack Combs squats 315 pounds while senior Troy Schneider spots him.

Jon Carani, Staff Writer

Entering into an empty school, Seniors Jack Combs and Troy Schneider head into the silent locker room. This is an every morning occurence for the members of the 6 a.m. crew.

The 6 a.m. crew is a group of students and faculty who get to school early in the morning to workout.

These students and faculty include math teacher Mark DeGreeff, theology teacher Alex Hall, seniors Troy Schneider, Teddy Delker, Jack Combs, and juniors John Fotouhi and Jake Heuermann. All have very busy schedules so they have made adjustments to their sleeping and eating schedules in order to make time for themselves to fit a workout into their day.

“I come to school so early to workout because it is the one time of the day that I can just focus on working out,” Hall said. “If I wait till after school usually something comes up, so the morning is the one time I know it is workout time.”

These students and faculty are all motivated by different things that help them show up to these daily workouts. During his football season, Combs wanted to better himself and his team, so he did that by weightlifting before school.

“At the beginning, waking up so early was very difficult for me,” Combs said. “You just keep going and eventually it becomes natural. On the weekends it feels strange waking up at six and feeling that you should be in the gym.”

Schneider believes that in the morning you know you will be surrounded by guys just as determined and motivated as you are.

“It is a lot of fun lifting in the mornings, the morning lifters are very personable people making the gym a better environment,” Schneider said. “It is something I truly enjoy.”