MLB free agency


Drew Brown

MLB free agency has started and the agents this year are looking good.

Ethan Heady, Staff Writer

As the World Series concluded, free agency has begun. This free agent class has been known for a while as one of the best ever. Although injuries and decline in production have shortened the length of the class, it starts with the top two players. With players changing teams and every team pursuing some of these names, here are the five best players out on the market this year.

Bryce Harper- Harper, the 26 year old outfielder, has spent the last seven years as a member of the Washington Nationals. He took the league by storm when he came up at the age of 19 and won the Rookie of the Year. The former #1 overall pick, Harper, won the NL MVP in 2015, hitting 42 home runs with a batting average of .330. As a six-time all-star, he has been touted as a generational talent since he was 16 years old, when he landed on the cover of Sports Illustrated as “The Chosen One.” At only 26, Harper is a unique player who bats left-handed and can bat third for almost every team in the league.

Manny Machado- Machado, age 26, was traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers midseason and helped lead them to the World Series, despite the antics on the field. A four time all-star, Machado made the switch to shortstop from third base this season. The former #3 overall pick in the 2010 draft, Machado plays one of the premier positions, and brings a unique skill set to the table.
Craig Kimbrel- Kimbrel, a 30 year old closer, has spent the last three years with the Boston Red Sox. Kimbrel won the Rookie of the Year in 2011, and led the league in saves just two years later. Leading with a fastball that reaches 100 MPH, he follows with a power curve to form a potent two pitch sequence.

Patrick Corbin- Corbin is a 29 year old left handed pitcher, who has spent his whole career with the Arizona Diamondbacks. The two time all-star is hitting the free agent market as the top starting pitcher this winter. With a lifetime 3.91 ERA, Corbin features a three-pitch sequence that keeps hitters off balance and keeps the ball in the ballpark.

Josh Donaldson- Donaldson, a 32 year old third baseman, was limited to only 52 games this past season due to injuries. Spending the past four seasons with the Toronto Blue Jays, Donaldson won the AL MVP in 2015, when he hit 41 home runs with 123 RBI’s that year. The former catcher turned third baseman comes with no guarantees as he is on the other side of 30 and injury riddled past, but if he can find his MVP form, he can be a major upgrade for someone at third base.

Starting with the top two players, this class is headed by franchise-altering position players. The other position players behind Harper and Machado shouldn’t be overlooked either. Many of the players are good complementary players, just not the superstar Harper and Machado are. With a lot of lefties towards the top, the starting pitcher market is full of good pitchers that can immediately help in the rotation. On the other hand, the reliever market is flooded with top tier closers and set up man. The hot stove will be full of moves and excitement.