Dogs are better than cats


Connor Gunn '23

Dogs are far superior pets than Cats.

John Mills , Entertainment Editor

This debate has gone on for quite a long time, and it’s time to put an end to it. Dogs are better than cats. First off, dogs are loyal and supportive. Secondly, dogs are easier to train. Third, dogs are great workout partners.

Dogs’ most defining trait is their loyalty, and there is zero denying that. The loyalty with dogs comes strictly from their ancestors being pack animals. They are very like humans in that way as we humans have our own “packs”, our families who we stay with for long periods of time. So to dogs, a family is like their new pack into which they have been adopted and have adopted the family as their own.

The more generations humans have been with dogs, the more dogs rely on humans, and that is the reason that they are far easier to train than cats. It all comes from back in the days of the caveman. Humans began to domesticate those cubs and teach them how to hunt for animals, herd sheep, carry sleds, and yet again be loyal friends. It also still comes from the pack mentality as the dog is willing and ready to follow a leader and that naturally makes him obedient.

Dogs make outstanding workout partners. If you look for your dog to be a workout partner, they can give you good motivation to be healthy and happy. Dogs don’t care if it’s snowy, cold, rainy, or even hot. They just want to spend time with you. People make excuses to not work out but dogs are always ready to go. Pet parents who reported walking their dogs are more than 50% more likely to reach their daily physical exercise goals, which could end up reducing your chances of heart disease. Hiking, stair walking, power walking, and just walking in general are all great exercises for you and your dog.

With all these good things about dogs, there has to be some great qualities about cats. First off, cats do a very good job at understanding personal space as they are naturally distant and don’t need your attention constantly. Another great thing about cats is that they are able to groom themselves by licking themselves, which scientists found out gives their skin a deep clean due to the sharp, tiny cones on their tongues. But the thing cat owners do not get is the loyalty, love, and responsibility that come with dog ownership.

But people who only own cats will never get to enjoy the loyalty of having a pet that also wants to be their best friend. I couldn’t tell you the amount of times I have seen my dog’s waiting at the door for me after a long day of school, and it makes me extremely happy to see them sitting down at the front door waiting to have their company be enjoyed by someone other than themselves.