Spartans raise enough money to get day off


Brian Grassi

Gene Bender announces the Big Draw winners Sept. 14.

Jay Dolan, Editor-in-Chief

Students learn they earned the day off on Oct. 8 at the Big Draw assembly today Friday, September 14 after hitting their fundraising goal of $142,000.

This year Big Draw raised over $162,000. According to Big Draw spokesperson Gene Bender, the proceeds will go to clubs such as chess and robotics club and activities like Christmas on Campus and Special Olympics.

“It was a success, we sold 110% of the goal,” Bender said. “Anytime we reach the goal before the day it is over I consider it a success.”

Sophomore Kyle Stockmann sold 104 tickets this year making him the winner for most tickets sold. The prize for selling the most tickets is either $500, a PS4, Blues tickets, Cardinals tickets or a limo ride to a dance. Stockmann plans to buy a PS4 with the money made, then save the rest. At $25 a ticket Stockmann raised $2,400 dollars.

“It went well the first couple of days then it slowed down so I had to pick it back up,” Stockmann said. “I was thinking I had a lead, and I came out on top.”

Junior Connor Movani sold the $25,000 ticket to his aunt winning a prize of $500.

“It’s pretty hype,” Movani said. “I’ll probably buy my friends lunch today because they told me I needed to after winning.”

Bender said the credit for meeting their goal of $142,000 raised does not go to him but instead the students.

“It is impossible for me to do this on my own,” Bender said. “If a quarter of the student body did not move we would not be able to do it. You need the whole student body for this thing to work out.”