Find out why you should join De Smet Press

De Smet Press is looking for a few good men to join the staffs!

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Gain REAL WORLD EXPERIENCE unlike any other high school class! Writing, photography, leadership, design, videography, critical thinking, editing, web design, sports writing, drawing, entertainment, politics, movie/game reviews, and more. These are high school activities that look GREAT on your college resume.

There is something for everyone within the department:

Digital Media: (grades 10-12, one year course: .5 fine arts credit/.5 English elective credit) This is where the creative juices flow! Learn the ins and outs of a DSLR camera for shooting pictures and video. Gain real world experience creating video projects for “clients”. Digital Media students are responsible for a majority of the multimedia content of This is a great intro course for underclassmen to learn skills such as photography, videography, editing, critical thinking, team work and story telling to advance to newspaper and yearbook.

Yearbook:(grades 10-12, one year English elective credit) The yearbook staff is responsible for capturing all of the memories of the school year, through photos and stories. The yearbook staff is in need of individuals interested in learning the following skills: photography, writing, print design, leadership, team work and critical thinking.

Newswriting:(grades 10-12, one year English elective credit) Nationally recognized staff produces content for, The Mirror newsmagazine, and social media. The newspaper staff is in need of individuals interested in learning the following skills: writing, videography, print design, web design, photography, leadership, team work, critical thinking, and cartoon/illustrations.

Intro to Newswriting: (grades 10-12, one year English elective credit) Not quite ready to join the newspaper staff? No problem! Learn all of the basics here: News writing, Feature writing, Opinion writing, photography, team work. Great intro class for sophomores who want to move on to newspaper. Will become full-fledged newspaper staffers by second semester.

See your counselor or Mr. Berns in room 212/214 for more information.