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Photo courtesy of images4u

Jack Grelle 06′ on the cover of his album Steering Me Away

Patrick McHugh, Entertainment Editor

Rolling Stone named Jack Grelle ‘06  as one of the 10 New Country Artists You Need to Know.” The list was featured in their January issue.

Grelle is a rising star in country music, using his 70’s honky-tonk riffs to draw the masses. His twist:  progressive messages for social issues blended into his songs. He has released four albums since the start of his career, each one tackling new themes and genres.

Grelle’s song Get Dressed Up To Be Let Down is giving him a lot of traction. It is told from a woman’s perspective and challenges traditional gender norms. It is one of the many songs that he will likely play when he performs in St. Louis on February 4th at the 2720 Cherokee Performing Arts Center.