Watch connoisseur looks to make dreams a reality


Andrew Harszy '24

Junior Austin Harszy holds up his watch collection that is years in the making.

Evan Scanlon, Multimedia Specialist

Junior Austin Harszy has always dreamed of going to Switzerland. His love for watches might actually get him there.

Switzerland, the pinnacle of Horology, the art of making clocks and watches, is a dream destination for all watch enthusiasts. Harszy would like to make that dream a reality by winning Wristcheck’s Design Competition. Harszy’s objective is to design an already iconic watch, The Royal Oak, into his own style.

“It would mean a lot to go to Switzerland,” Harszy said, “because in terms of living in the Midwest, there is not necessarily a lot of opportunity when it comes to the passion of watches, so to be able to go to the birthplace of everything would be super cool.”

Where it all started for Harszy was a family vacation, when he saw a watch in the window.

“My parents bought me this watch from there and ever since then I’ve always liked them,” Harszy said.

He has taken his passion for watches and turned it into an internship at Clarkson Jewelers, one of two official dealers of world renowned Rolex in St. Louis. Harszy has already started to make a significant impact and superb impression on his boss, Todd Broadbent.

“His ability to connect with guests in a very short period of time,” Mr. Broadbent said, “and establish himself an authority on horology I think will lend him with his future plans in this industry.”

Harszy’s job has also led him to make connections with people around St. Louis and the world who are in the watch industry, whether buying or selling.

As for the competition, Harszy used a go big or go home mentality when creating his piece.

“I am very confident in my design,” Harszy said. “I decided to go for something that had never been done before in their Royal Oak Line, so I think it is going to be something unique that they are going to like and something that they have never seen before.”

The competition will set up Harszy for a once-in-a-lifetime experience that could help him to shape a potential career path. He believes that this could help to propel his future career in watches and looks to use the experience to make connections.

“As of right now, it is a career path that I am going to try and take,” Harszy said. “I will try to pursue it as far as I can and right now I feel that I am set up to try and do my best in that area.”