How COVID-19 impacts our faith

The pandemic has had a long lasting impact on religions everywhere


Jack Venneman

COVID-19 has not just impacted people’s faith lives, it has impacted everyone’s entire life as a whole.

Jack Venneman, Web Editor

Looking to God during difficult or troubling times is hard to do for some people who may not look for his guidance regularly. All the negativity coming from COVID-19 creates stress and unwanted thoughts for many people. It has not just impacted our faith lives, it has impacted everyone’s entire life as a whole.

For so long, the followers of Christianity have used traditional methods to meet through mass. Because of the pandemic, ways of worship have been altered and it depends on the person on whether it is a good fit for them. Some may be able to get used to it, while others will struggle greatly.

With the closure of all masses for two and half months and possibly more for certain parishes, this time for people to worship God being taken away can have a negative impact on many people’s mental stability. For some, mass is one of the only things people have in their life, and being stripped of that for a great deal of time may feel as if they are being robbed.

We have forgotten or simply delayed attending to some of the key issues in life. It is making us evaluate what is really important and necessary, and what is of secondary or only superficial importance.”

— Pope Francis

However, now that many churches have come up with plans to prevent outbreaks through social distancing and the requirement of masks while also having in-person worship, gives many people a big part of their life back. Churches should be strongly recognized for their efforts to give the gift of in-person worship back to people who were in grave need of it.

The point is that God is testing our faith through the pandemic. It’s up to us to keep our relationship strong throughout times of difficulty.

For some, the pandemic may give them an excuse on why to take a step back from their faith life. COVID is testing us to see if we will look to strengthen our relationship with God during difficult times or turn away from him and keep going through life without his strong guidance.