‘Among Us’ game review

A look into the rise of strategic computer game



The popular computer and phone game ‘Among Us’ is being becoming a favorite for gamers.

Donovan Hughes, Staff Writer

Space, murder, deception, investigation, intrigue, and fun party game with friends or strangers. That’s what ‘Among Us’ is all about. Developed by InnerSloth, a 3 man indie game making team, the game released in 2018 and became very popular 2 years later with famous YouTubers, streamers, and even music artists. They range from the likes of MrBeast, Shroud, and even Soulja Boy. There are three characters you can be but the last one is what you become if you die.

The crewmate is the most common and has the easiest requirements to win. The first way to win as the crewmate is to complete all of your tasks which can vary from shooting asteroids, clearing garbage chute, a medical scan of yourself, and many more. The other way to win is to to shoot out the imposters out of the airlock. The crewmates lose if they don’t have enough people to eject the imposters. So, if there are 3 imposters, you need 4 or more crewmates to eject the imposters and so on. The other way to lose is if you do not fix sabotage on key parts of the ship or base.

The imposters are the bad guys in ‘Among Us’ and their sole objective is to kill all crewmates. They use stealth and deception to complete their objective. They can sabotage functions of the ship or base like reactor and oxygen, which if not fixed gives the win to the imposter. They can also sabotage doors to slow down the crewmates or the lights to cut the line of sight of the crewmates. Their other option is to kill as many crewmates as possible before they are found out or until they win.

The last category is Ghosts. Ghosts can be either imposters or crewmates. They are what you become when you die from being kicked out by the others or after being killed by the imposter. When crewmates become a ghost, their objective is to do their tasks if they have any left. When imposters become a ghost, their objective is to help their teammates by sabotaging components.

Overall, it’s good game based on the human nature of suspicion and teamwork. The game can be played with strangers on the phone or with friends on Steam. ‘Among Us’ is a phenomenon that has taken over the world through social media and just a dedicated fan base that spread the game to extraordinary heights.