‘Pegasus’ album review

A look into Trippie Redd’s new project



Trippie Redd’s new project, ‘Pegasus,’ came out on October 30th.

Thomas Dolan, Staff Writer

‘Pegasus’ is Trippie Redd’s 3rd studio album that came out on October 30th. Trippie Redd is a hip hop artist that is well known for his hit tracks, Dark Night Dummo with Travis Scott, Love Scars, and Taking a Walk.

The popular opinion is that this album is not really worth the listen and is an overall bad album.

Although this doesn’t compare to some of his best work like Life’s a Trip and A Love Letter to You, this is still a little above average album.

I wanted this album to have a sound and style similar to old Trippie Redd like the song Can You Rap Like Me?

This had more of a Love Letter to you 4 album’s sound instead. You can definitely see his rapping ability and his unique flow as a solid theme throughout the album.
One of the best songs on the album is Oomps Revenge Pt.2. This shows his raw talent and freestyling ability. This is a nice Old Trippie throwback that needs to be incorporated into his music more often.

Another great song is The Nether where he shows the best of both worlds by showing off his calming vocals and again his lyrical rap flow.
He talks about how instead of communicating his feelings with a partner or his family, he just talks about his feelings to the microphone instead.

A letdown was the song Good Morning. It sounded like a bad impression of Playboi Carti and I was not impressed.

I think one of Trippie’s biggest mistakes on this is really just spreading the album too thin. This album could be condensed into almost half that time and I think it would’ve been a great improvement.

Overall I would say since people including myself were not expecting a great album, this could be considered a good job by Trippie.

Overall rating: 5/10
Best songs – Oomps Revenge Pt. 2 and Excitement ft. PARTYNEXTDOOR
Worst songs – Goodmorning