Do violent video games cause behavioral problems?

Why violent video games are not the explanation behind bad behavior

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Do violent video games cause behavioral problems?

Drew Hollman, Staff Writer

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There has been a lot of talks recently and in the past whether violent video games contribute and cause bad behavior and violence. This is an important topic to cover in today’s society because most high school students play some type of video game.

Violent video games do not cause violence or behavior issues.

The research and studies that have been done on them to prove that they do not link back to violent actions. It is true that violent video games can give people easier thoughts to violence, but they don’t last long, much less take over the other thoughts that tell us not to act violently or out of behavior. When it comes to criminal violence, there are no signs that the behavior is traced back to video games. The research says that there are a lot of factors that play into this behavior, but none of it is traced back to media at all.

Violent video games do not cause a change in the way that the player’s process emotions compared to people who don’t play video games. Acts of violence and bad behavior date back an extremely long time, way before video games were even an idea. Nothing has changed between these times, people still act the same. All across the world, people play violent video games and don’t have the crime rates that the United States has. Japan has the most video game players, but also has one of the lowest crime rates in the world.

A person who thinks that video games cause behavior issues would argue that they cause bullying and fighting in schools. This type of behavior has been going on since the first school was opened, and it is just a matter of someone feeling vulnerable because they have been bullied or issues at home, not video games.

Overall, video games are good for people to play. Parents need to stop blaming every mass incident or criminal act on video games and start blaming it on other issues that actually attribute to behavior issues like mental illness for example.