Game review: Call of Duty Modern Warfare

An in-depth review of this year's new first person shooter game


Activision Studios

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was released on Oct. 25, 2019.

Ryan Flavin, Staff Writer

The franchise decided to take a break from the futuristic games and move to a more modern scene for their new game. Call of Duty (COD) Modern Warfare released on Oct. 25. The games base price is 60 dollars, it will come with your two classic Call of Duty game modes in multiplayer and in a campaign mode. The third mode is going to be a spec op mode.

I played the Call of Duty Modern Warfare Multiplayer beta. We were able to play a total of four 6v6 maps and three 32v32 maps. The small collection of maps that we got to play with was very good. The developers tried to go away from their classic three-lane maps and think more outside the box when designing them.

The spawns are very bad as of right now. There were countless amounts of times when I would die and then join the game again right next to an enemy or vise versa. The developers have already said the spawns would be fixed soon so I don’t think that will be much of a problem. Unfortunately, our level was capped at 30 so we could not get to test all the guns and scorestreaks out.

They decided to bring a lot of fan-favorite guns back from previous Call of Duty’s such as the Famous, Scar- H, MP5, MP7, Fal Scout, M4A1, and many more. These guns look and feel amazing to play with. The time to kill in this game is very fast I would compare it to Call of Duty Black Ops 1. This fast kill time makes for a slower more camping play style of the game.

Campers will always be a problem in Call of Duty but this game has a lot more than usual. Another thing that promotes slow camping gameplay is the Mini Map. The new Mini Map does not show the other team’s red dots when they shoot. I found myself going many minutes without finding a single person on the map. This was the only time where I did not have fun playing this beta. The game’s graphics look amazing and with COD’s new game mechanics this year they look even better. The game has introduced a brand new create a class system where you can customize your gun to fit whatever playstyle you want. For example, you can take the Ak-47 Assault Rifle and with the right attachments turn it into an Ak-74U Submachine gun. The attachments affect the gun way more on this COD than they have on any other before. The hard-hitting scorestreaks are back and better than ever. These are the most scorestreaks that we have received in COD since Modern Warfare 2. They Brought back the AC-130, Nuke, Pavelow, Chopper Gunner, and many more.

There are two more modes in the full game that we have not gotten to play yet. The Trailer for the Campaign Looks incredible. The biggest thing is the return of Captain Price. He is one of the most iconic characters in Call of Duty history. We don’t know much about the plot or setting yet. The other game mode that Modern Warfare will offer is Spec Ops mode. This mode had been in previous Call of Duty’s such as Modern Warfare 2 and 3. This mode includes little side missions.

I would give the beta a 3.5 out of 5. Once they fix all of the problems with spawns and the minimap the game will play and feel much better.