Chess club welcomes all levels of players

Why you should consider joining the chess club


Kevin Berns

The Chess Club meets every Thursday after school and is open to everyone.

The chess club is a great place to hang out after school. It is not just for playing chess; it is a place where you can learn to play and also make friends that have a common interest.

The environment in the room is very calm and is a great place to just think about anything. If you don’t want to play you can just watch and do homework.

If you are struggling and are new to chess, the senior members of the club will help you and guide you to better strategy that you can use to win the next time you play.

The moderator is Mr. Dressler, who is one of the best teachers at school. He is very nice and will help you if you are struggling.

The chess club meets every Thursday in room 218 at 3:10 and you can stay until 4 to 5 but you can leave at any time.

If you have any questions you can email Mr. Dressler or you can just ask anyone in the club that you know.

If you join the chess club you will have a good time and become better at chess. There are infinite possibilities in the game of chess so you will never feel like you’ve already played the same game.