Lettermans on the comeback

Students and faculty share what they think of the lettermans possibly returning.


De Smet yearbook 1971

Bill Holand, Class of ’71, sports his letterman jacket while working the carnival at De Smet.

Jay Dolan, Editor-in-Chief

Over the past 20 or so years, students who wear letterman jackets have dwindled to almost zero. Back in the 80’s nearly every student on a varsity team wore a jacket. Today, they are no longer in the book store. So what happened?

“The book store stopped carrying the letterman jackets is because guys stopped buying them,” Bookstore Director Matt Mohan said. “One of the reasons being they are really expensive.”

Sophomore varsity swimmer Aidan King, one of the very few kids at the school who still wears the letterman, says he loves his jacket.

“I like the way they look and I think they give the authentic high school feel,” King said. “It is just kind of a sign of the commitment I put into my sports.”

JV soccer coach and class of ‘82 alum Pat Littleton believes there is a letterman shortage partly on how students do not wear jacket anymore. He also blames a decreased sense of pride in high school athletics.

“Back then when you were out in the community, you wore your jacket and people knew you went to a certain school,” Littleton said. “You were proud of that.”

Senior varsity hockey player Josh Abel said that he loves the look of the old lettermans.

“I would definitely wear a letterman jacket,” Abel said. “I think the throwback looks really cool, makes it look like the 80’s. I think the girls would love it.”

Senior varsity football player Teddy Delker sees a different side. To him, lettermans are dated.

“Not my style. I am more of a quarter zip type guy,” Delker said. “I think they have gone out of style.”

Senior varsity hockey player Ryan Brickhouse says he would like the lettermans back, but with a twist.

“Personally I would wear a Letter jacket if they put a contemporary spin on it,” Brickhouse said. “I do not want to wear the same jacket my parents wore.”

62% of the school said they would purchase a letterman jacket. Since they are no longer available in the book store, Mohan wants to be able to sell them online.

“I think they are great. When I was a student here, all the athletes wore them,” Mohan said. “So what we could do is set something up so kids who want one could order a letterman and we could facilitate that order through the bookstore.”