Soccer season recap


Kevin Berns

Senior Logan Payne lines up to kick the ball to get it to the offense.

Gave Helm, Staff Writer

The soccer team came off a great season finishing second in state. Although they did not clinch their goal of winning state, they finished second and that is still a fantastic accomplishment thus far.

“As much as we’d like to get first, there were a lot of teams that didn’t expect us to win so we were like the underdogs,” Matt Russo said. “And we liked that, we loved being the underdogs.”

The soccer team’s success was very much assisted by Josh Lindell who won defensive player of the year and Logan Payne, goalie of the year. They were both vital leaders on the defense.

“We had a huge impact on the defense as a team, people recognized that, and I felt like I was one of the leaders of that,” Josh said. “With Logan being goalie of the year, I think that shows that we held a good line.”

The soccer team’s coaches were integral to the teams growth. They pushed the team to reach places that the players never thought they could reach.

“I knew we were something special this year, even in the tryouts,” senior Brendan Miller said. “Even the coaches pushed us to a potential even I thought that I couldn’t have reached.”

The soccer team had a lot more seniors than last year. Some of which experienced the 2nd place finish four years ago.

“This year we tried to have more fun with it, the last two years were more business,” Matt said. We tried to play every game like it was our last game.”

Senior captains Matt Russo, Josh Lindell, and Logan Payne led the team to a record of 20-3-3.

“What I think defined our team was that we played as a unit and not as individuals,” Josh said. “Whether it was kids on the bench getting the team rowdy or keeping our cool, we were like a family more than a team.”