Doctor Zeus


Colin Donovan

The new addition to room 308 is a snake named Zeus.

Zeus was brought into Doctor Mariett Baxendale’s 308 homeroom in a plastic container only to be fed once a week with mice being the only item on the menu.

Zeus is a Bull Python that was given to Doc. Baxendale by senior Alex Smith. The homeroom has already had a variety of pets in the past such as a rabbit named Pickles, a mouse that passed away last year, and even a snake years ago.

Zeus lives on a diet of frozen mice and is only fed once a week because Bull Pythons take about a week to digest their food. He will allow students to pick him up and put him on their shoulders. Although friendly, Zeus does not like when his head is touched and might bite if that happens.

Alex has always had an interest in reptiles even liked to breed them. Alex has had Zeus for four years and decided it was time to give him away because he is going off to college soon. Who better to give him to then the animal lover herself, Mariett Baxendale. Baxendale was excited to get a new snake in her room but was a little skeptical because the last snake the school had, died and left a horrible smell throughout the school.

Students can find Zeus in room 308 in a plastic bin filled with snake-related things. Students can hold the new snake but be sure to ask Doctor Baxendale first and use Germ-X.