Jesuit novice makes impact on choir

Jacob Deighton, Digital Media Specialist

Brennan Dolnick, Staff Writer

Jesuit Novice Jeff Miraflor was sent to begin his Jesuit high school experiment. What he didn’t know was that he was going to be able to come and help teach one of his life’s passions.

“It was kind of a toss-up I didn’t know where I was going to be plugged in, said Miraflor. “Thank God I was able to get plugged into the choirs and campus ministry.”

Miraflor is currently a Jesuit novice taking on his high school experiment. In this experiment, Jesuits like Miraflor, are put in a Jesuit High School to work for seven weeks.

“Jesuits have been a part of education ever since their founding,” said Miraflor. “It’s been great being able to take part in their history.”

Mr. Miraflor began teaching choir by teaching the novice Jesuit choir at Grand Coteau in Louisiana. He’s now helping choir teacher, Ray Sherrock, by leading the students during masses and singing with them during class.

“Working with Mr. Miraflor has been a lot of fun,” Sherrock said. “I think the young singers here have really benefited from hearing him sing with them.”

Miraflor’s last assignment before going back to Louisiana is to teach the advanced chorus and black robe the music for the mass of the immaculate conception. He has really enjoyed his time teaching the black robe because he thinks their singers have shown a lot of talent.

“What I’ve enjoyed most about teaching choir is working with raw voices,” Miraflor said. “It’s just really fun working with a group that is not perfect, but there’s so much room to grow.”