The Walking Dead season seven finale takes a turn for the better


photo courtesy of Flickr

Season seven of The Walking Dead concluded April 2, setting the state for an intense season eight.

Nick Einig, Staff Writer

Warning: this story contains spoilers. If you have not yet or are planning on watching the season seven finale of The Walking Dead, stop reading now.

After a tense season that started with two characters getting their heads bashed in, The Walking Dead finished off its seventh season April 2. “The first day of the rest of your life” was a 90-minute finale full of twists and turns and lots of blood and surprise attacks from a malicious tiger.

The finale was probably one of the better episodes of the season, but compared to other The Walking Dead season finales it was sort of disappointing. Rick and his gang have been pushed around, beat up and killed for an entire season, so Walking Dead Fans were eager to finally see the villain Negan get what he deserved. Come the end of the episode, Negan walked away without a scratch.

Walking Dead history has shown that the main villain usually dies in the finale of the season after some sort of climactic fight. The new direction was an interesting twist.

It was the first battle against Rick’s group and Negan’s empire and it was extremely intense. It was much needed too, after a painful season of watching everyone’s favorite characters be the victim.

Now, the stage is set. It feels like season eight will follow a plot similar to that of season four with the governor. If the past has taught anything, it is that war in The Walking Dead leads to death; a lot of death.

So, even though what is to come with the plot is not set in stone yet, endless amounts of zombie hordes, gore and the deaths of beloved characters are sure to come.

Season eight may just be the most intense in walking dead history yet, and given the finale of season seven, fans can take that one to the blood bank.