Sophomore to attend Under Armor All-American Football Camp


Nick Plassmeyer

Sophomore quarterback Nate Martens looks down field for an open receiver against Fort Zumwalt West Sept 2.

Dalton Hahn, Staff Writer

Sophomore quarterback Nate Martens was invited to attend the Under Armour All-American Football Camp at Glenbrook North High School Chicago April 23.

“I’m excited to be invited to the camp,” Martens said. “I think it will help me improve as a player.”

Martens finished the year with 17 touchdowns and 1969 yards for the season. He will be the first Spartan to attend the camp since Andy Bauer (14’).

Many college and pro players have attended the camp, such as Julio Jones and Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston.

“I plan to become a better quarterback and leader,” Martens said. “I want to be able to lead the team next year and be the best player I can to set an example for those around me.”

The camp develops and teaches elite players to better their football skills with the hope of turning them into college-ready athletes. It also allows players to showcase their skills to colleges. This camp could lead Martens to invitations to the Under Armour Future 50 Camp as a junior and the Under Armour All-American Game as a senior.

“Learning from pros can help me hone my skills,” Martens said, “and I hope I can use what I learn there next season and in the years to come.”