Basketball defeats Parkway South Patriots, onto district finals

Nick Einig, Staff Writer

The Spartans defeated the Parkway South Patriots 56-54 on Feb. 28 to win the district semi-finals. With the help of seniors Sean Skoff and Ryan Stipanovich, the team got the edge that they needed to pull ahead in the final minutes, pushing into the district finals.

The Spartans’ defense only let up six points in the first quarter. By the end, they led 13-6. The seniors were going strong, and their defense was doing what needed to be done to keep the ball out of the net. Their momentum carried into the second quarter. At half, the Spartans were ahead 22-11.

Their momentum stalled in the third, however. The Patriots came back and ended up leading by one at the end of the third. The rest of the game was back in forth, but the Spartans were able to solidify their win in the final minutes with a score a 56-54.
“We were in control of the game and we had the momentum,” sophomore Cameron Range said. “It was a close win, but we did what we needed to do in order to hold on. That’s what’s important.”

They will play CBC for the district finals on March 2 at Parkway South at 7:45 p.m.