Battlefield Conquers


Patrick McHugh, Entertainment Editor

Battlefield 1 leaps the series forward by taking a step back in time. It is the newest entry of the popular shooter series coming from DICE. Battlefield 1 deviates from the endless trend of modern military shooters to World War 1, where the game thrives in its new setting.

Battlefield 1’s campaign tells multiple stories from different perspectives of World War 1, each as an allied soldier at the mercy of an unforgiving war.  The campaign is extremely well done with brutal gameplay that shows the horror of World War 1 and more touching moments that show the more human side of the war. Past Battlefield games featured tedious gameplay and bland characters. The campaign was a nice surprise considering how most Battlefield campaigns end up being forgettable.

Battlefield 1 is one of the best looking games on console. I was taken by storm with the weather effects which presented an incredible attention to detail. Explosive audio immerses players into the battle using its realistic effects.

Most people play Battlefield for the multiplayer, and that’s where Battlefield 1 shines. The game provides the best multiplayer experience I’ve played in a long time. With an abundance of vehicles and weapons and insanely fun maps, it’s multiplayer kept me coming back for more. Battlefield 1 still has its classic multiplayer modes like conquest and rush, as well as new modes like operations, which combines aspects of the two together.

Battlefield 1 is the best all-around shooter to come out this year. With its exciting campaign, thrilling multiplayer and breath taking graphics, Battlefield 1 is a must buy for all first person shooter fans.