Students gather for world prayer event


Nick Plassmeyer

In solidarity with students around the world, senior Andrew Smith, sophomore Sean Fletz, sophomore Chris Williams, and junior Alex Meyers gather at 7am for See You at the Pole day.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) moderator Colby Robinson gathered on Sept 28th in the morning to pray for a greater cause, to unite in prayer with other communities. At the same time, schools across the world gathered around their poles to do the same. The events was run by Sophomore Chris Williams, the leader of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

“It was important to do this event because it’s always a good thing to pray not only for ourselves, but for others.” Williams said. “It gives students and staff in opportunity to grow spiritually as well.”

The bigger picture of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes is not just about the De Smet community, but also the schools around St. Louis, the students who go to all these schools, the community of St. Louis, the country with all the injustice and for the world and all the war that all men and women find peace.

Gathering together for a bigger picture impacted Williams and those that attended, as it emphasized the brotherhood in the community.

“It gives students an opportunity to come together and pray for not only their school, but for one another.” Williams said. “It’s also important to me because this event gives each one of us an opportunity to grow closer to God through our faith and praying.”

The next Fellowship of Christian Athletes meeting will be on October 13th.