Junior StuGo Members Participate In Old Newsboy Day

Patrick McHugh, News editor

Old Newsboy Day is an annual event in St. Louis that hearkens back to when people got your news from someone on the street instead of a computer screen. The students from Junior Student Government will participate in this event to raise money for the Old Newsboy Organization.  The Old Newsboy Organization is a charitable enterprise that donates to different children’s charities across the city.

Teacher Mathew Mohan is one of many who helped organize the event.

“Students love being on the street and interacting with the public,” said Mohan. “Many people are aware of this event and donate generously.”

The event has proven to be a success with the past couple of years raising over $1,000 in just 3 hours.

“It also just fun being with your classmates and running around in the morning,” said Mohan. “Spartans have handed out newspapers on Old Newsboy Day since 1973.”

This year was another successful one as the Junior Student Government sold out their newspapers in record time.