Jersey Mike’s Review


Alex Kramer, News Editor

Jersey Mike’s Subs, a submarine sandwich shop that offers a variety of different subs, had a location in Des Peres open this summer. Jersey Mike’s can be compared to Subway and Jimmy John’s.

However, Jersey Mike’s offers something that the competitors don’t: freshness. At Mike’s, the sandwich maker cuts the meats right in front of its customer. All sub shops are probably pretty fresh, but at Mike’s, the difference is noticeable.

As far as prices go, Mike’s does not impress. Subway and Jimmy John’s all have thinner sandwiches than Jersey Mike’s. Yet, Jimmy John’s regular 8 inch is just as filling as Mike’s 7 and 1/2 inch regular size. Nonetheless, Subway’s footlong is just as cheap as JJ’s 8 inch and much cheaper than Mike’s 7 and 1/2 inch.

Despite higher prices, Jersey Mike’s makes up for it with great taste. Mike’s, without a doubt, has the best sub sandwich, compared to other franchise sub shops.