Out with the New, in with the Old

Drew Whitaker, News Editor

With streaming TV services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime taking the world by storm, cable TV is becoming more and more foreign in the average household. The days of scrolling through channels on cable may be limited, which could leave a huge hole in the world of TV and the passionate fans of countless pictures.

When choosing between cable TV and streaming services, old fashioned cable is still the way to watch.

When it comes to subscriptions of any kind, price is often the leading factor that determines decisions. While most individual streaming services are cheaper than cable as a whole, people are often left unsatisfied with just one streaming service and feel that they need multiple subscriptions to account for all their favorite movies, shows, and channels. In order for viewers to have access to all the entertainment they desire, they may be left breaking the bank on multiple subscriptions.

There’s a common consensus that streaming services are much more convenient and accessible for viewers, but the opposite can also be said, especially when it comes to shows. With cable, fans can watch episodes of their favorite shows as they air, but with streaming services like Netflix, fans often have to wait until entire seasons are aired to watch. It can take upwards of a year for a show to air an entire season, and with social media and gossiping fans, spoilers are bound to get around.

If that wasn’t enough, the convenience that streaming services do have could all be thrown out the window if God forbid you have a weak wifi signal. There’s truly nothing worse than seeing that spinning loading cursor in the midst of watching something on the edge of your seat.

You should ditch streaming services and stick to good ole cable TV because you’ll end up saving money and can watch with more convenience. Out with the old and in with the new is becoming a common saying in today’s society but when it comes to TV, the old ways are best.