‘Her Loss’ has potential for album of the year


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Drake, 21 Savage and Metro Boomin have released another album in the race for album of the year.

Chris Hubert, Staff Writer

After a week’s delay, The ‘Her Loss’ album made by 21 Savage and Drake was released on Nov. 4. Including 16 songs and one feature. The unique album cover features a picture of a nail stylist named Suki.
The cover photo of Suki is years old, however. Drake had reached out to the photographer and asked to use the photo. She was the perfect rollout for the album.
With 21 Savage and Drake receiving top 200 albums 11 times, the two rappers were putting up consistency, constantly proving that they deserve these awards.
The album begins with the song ‘Rich Flex’, a perfect song to set the mood of the album. The theme of this album was more of a her loss. It was meant to show that the women who dated these rappers are now missing out.
The versatility this song shows between the two rappers’ flow so well together and can portray how far these rappers have progressed together over the years they have been making music.
In the song ‘Broke Boys’ the beat goes through two transactions. The song starts off with a laid-beat melody and 21 and Drake give a more calm attitude to the transition where the beat becomes steadily faster. A more aggressive feel comes as the beat hits.
The production of these songs will give new ideas for other rappers to make new music. These beat switches are nothing we haven’t seen before and they are only going to get better.
Drake has been featured in many of 21’s most recent albums such as Savage Mode II. With the two young rappers producing amazing lyrics alongside producer Metro Boomin the album is almost already locked in the race for album of the year.
However, winning it may be a hard topic. There are some flaws in a few songs that don’t make the album the best. Some being; ‘I guess it’s F**k me’, ‘Major Distribution’.
‘I guess it’s F**k me’ begins with a melody of an auto-tuned Drake voice. However, it doesn’t necessarily match the beat. The vocals are high-pitched as the beat is low. The melody plays at the beginning and at the end of the song for about one minute. It’s hard to say that the song matches the theme of the album with the lyrics.
With three songs out of sixteen lacking 21 on the song. It is clear that these songs will not be as hype and as upbeat as the others. In the song ‘Major Distribution’ it was mostly 21 the whole time. Drake began the song with a high-pitched melody which had a dirty transition into 21’s verse. 21’s vocals and lyrics couldn’t match the beat.
Overall the album has the potential to become album of the year. Metro Boomin produced the songs amazingly, making complete and thorough transitions between the two vocals.
Overall Rating: 8/10
Best Songs: Rich Flex, Broke Boys
Worst Songs: I guess it’s F**k me, Major Distribution