Security is necessary for piece of mind

Donovan Hughes, Staff Writer

The growing age of privacy is also followed by the specter of the government taking over people’s privacy. Following that specter is the figure of the government with its big stick. I believe the two have and need to be in balance and one should not overpower the other.

People’s view of the rising power of national security lately has been split into two groups: those who believe that the government has been overstepping into their privacy and the other side believes that they aren’t going to the limits they should. This year the government plans to spend $768 billion on defense that will be split between the agencies that are charged with national defense like the NSA, CIA, DOD, and the other US departments in charge of internal security.

The US has been focused on national security since the early 1900s. The height of this was World War II when the US started the holding camps for Japanese Americans. Along with that was the forming of the OSS which would later become the CIA. The next high point of US focus on national security was post 9/11 with the US passing the patriot act which gave more power to the government to search and detain terrorists, but also set a stricter policy on money laundering and counterfeiting which helped keep the US dollar the most stable currency in the world. Eighty percent of all US dollars are $100 bills due to the fact that it is the currency of all business and if it failed the world economy would fall apart due to the strain of its degradation in value. After 9/11 the stock exchange took a massive hit in most sectors with hundreds of millions being lost in a week due to fear of what could happen next. That’s why the US’s increased national security has helped regular people save thousands for themselves because if something happens that causes panic the country becomes unbalanced with people making careless decisions due to fear. But if that never happens, nothing changes. With the rapid growth in technology, the government has been playing catch up, which involves passing laws that are more harmful than good. Hopefully, with time they can figure out the correct way to handle this new growth in technology that helps everyone including the state.

1930s Germany is a perfect example of extremes on both sides with it being one of the worst places to live from 1923 to 1945. The Weimar Republic failed to have a stable national security with roving paramilitary groups spreading panic and fear throughout the country which lead to hyperinflation and thousands dead due to starvation and murder. Nazi Germany was the exact opposite with such heightened national security that the people were indoctrinated to fear all “impure” people and see the as threats to the state and that the they owe the sate everything including their lives. Human and civil rights violations were all over the state with the government having too much power over the people with so little privacy for the regular people.

The US has to look at the past to protect the future. They have to stay balanced in their approach to national security because the US most prized ideal is freedom. But sometimes in order to have and enjoy that freedom the government must have a firm hand in certain aspects in life to keep the people and the state safe.