STL hidden gems part 2

Three more top restaurants inside the city limits


Kalle Evjen '23

The city of St. Louis is home to some of the best restaurants in the country.

Earlier in the year, I gave my opinion on some of St. Louis City’s best restaurants, underappreciated in their own rights. Yet more remain. Below are another three restaurants whose culinary creations are unique and refreshing takes on Midwestern staples. 

Bailey’s Range, located downtown, is known for their hamburgers made with Missouri raised beef, and made from scratch ice cream (920 Olive Street, 63101) (Colby Quinn)

Baileys Range: 920 Olive Street, St. Louis MO 63101

A modern, contemporary styled dining experience nestled downtown St. Louis has some of the best burgers and shakes in a city with no shortage of such. Since 2011, Bailey’s has been dishing out intriguing, fresh burgers. Hence Bailey’s Burger Battle; where each week, two burgers face off on the menu, the more popular burger amongst customers stays. For dessert, terrific, house made ice cream. From espresso to vegan coconut, peaches and cream to pumpkin spice, Bailey’s ice cream will not disappoint. Make sure to relish the freshly made ketchup with Bailey’s delicious fries, too. 

Mac’s Local Eats, in their new location across Hwy 64 from Forest Park, is known for their fresh burgers and RIP fries.(5656 Oakland Ave, 63110) (Colby Quinn)

Mac’s Local Eats: 5656 Oakland Ave, St. Louis, MO 63110

Mac’s serves what might be the best burger in St. Louis. With locally sourced everything, Mac’s quality and care for the littlest of details helps their team produce a burger above all burgers (in a burger-filled city, nonetheless!). One will never go wrong with Mac’s burger creations, from the four pattied “Captain,” to Sunday’s special; the “Donut Burger,” two patties encapsulated by a glazed donut bun. But synonymous with Mac’s name are the “#RipFries,” Mac’s decadent fries tossed in the crumbs St. Louis’s prized chip, Red Hot Riplets. Whatever Mac’s puts their energy towards, it tastes good. 

Navin’s BBQ, located in Tower Grove East, serves up a tasty BBQ menu including burnt ends, brisket and mac & cheese. (3559 Arsenal St, 63118) (Colby Quinn)

Navin’s BBQ: 3559 Arsenal St, St. Louis Mo 63118

A quarantine hobby of backyard barbecue has turned into the most underrated barbecue in the city of St. Louis. Pit master Chris Armstrong and his team have developed from newcomers to a force to be reckoned with in the barbecue scene. When entering the side door of Navin’s after parking my car, I’m greeted by the smell and smoke of my future meal, and the welcoming presence of people who love what they do. Navin’s menu is familiar, but not cliche. I must admit, each sandwich on the menu sounds, looks, and smells fantastic, but never before have I indulged in one. Each time my family and I have partaken in Navin’s, it has consisted of a half-pound of pulled pork, a quarter pound of burnt ends, a half-pound (or more) of brisket, a half-pound of pulled turkey, mac and cheese, and collard greens. Before you make your way to Busch Stadium for your first Cardinals game in a while, stop at Navin’s. With “something for each plate,” you will be hooked after your first visit. And while you’re there, bless yourself with those incredible burnt ends, nectarous mac and cheese, and the nirvana of brisket.