Nothing can beat crinkle-cut when it comes to fries


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Of all the types of fries crinkle cut is the best.

Donovan Hughes '22, Staff Writer

In a single year, the entirety of America consumes 4.5 billion pounds of french fries a year through all of its different forms. But its best cut has been debated with the favorites being steak fries, curly, regular, and crinkle-cut. 

The obvious winner is crinkle-cut fries.

The crinkle-cut can be found all over the U.S. with White Castle, Arby’s, and most diners using this cut as their main fry. It’s the most versatile fry due to its shape which allows for the best cheese fries and best slop fries and it’s the best base fry as well due to how salt and seasonings stick to the fry through every bite. The shape also gives the perfect balance between the soft innards and the crunchy skin and allows it to get more of a dipping sauce like ketchup.

Unlike most other fries you can have the crinkle-cut as a meal by itself which can’t be said with curly fries or shoestring fries. It also is the best fry as an extension of a burger where it complements the hardy burger with its hot and fluffy potato center

It gives me a feeling of nostalgia for when I was younger when I would get a burger and fry after a soccer game with a Dr. Pepper with my friends on my team around me as we joked around about what was going on at school at the time. No other foods bring these emotions to me and no other food will ever do that even in the future.

To me it’s not even a debate on which is the best fry, but if I were to make a list of the best fires it would be crinkle-cut first, curly fry second, and steak fries in third. To me, the beauty of the fry in its purest form is in the crinkle cut.