Destiny 2 Witch Queen is action-packed but doesn’t live up to the hype



The new downloadable content update called Witch Queen for Destiny 2 is filled with action, adventure, and mystery.

Donovan Hughes, Staff Writer

On Feb. 22 Witch Queen came out for Destiny 2 as the most anticipated downloadable content (DLC) in the franchise’s history. It was announced Aug. 22 to very happy fans who were teeming with anticipation for the newest expansion.

Twenty days before its release Bungie had announced that there already had been one million pre-orders. On the day of release, the number of concurrent players on Steam was 300,000. On release, there were so many players that it crashed a large number of the Destiny 2 servers. Thousands of people turned out to watch Destiny streamers and YouTubers experience it for the first time.

Destiny 2 has been one of the largest games in the gaming community since 2016 with its consistent updates and DLCs. The DLC brought 30 gigabytes worth of content in two new strikes, a new raid, new weapons and armor, a new campaign and campaign mode, and much more.

The story of the DLC is that the Witch Queen, Savatuhn has somehow stolen the light and is now infusing it with her hive transforming them into light-bearing hive. You, the guardian, have been sent to find out how she stole the light and stop her plans with it. The campaign begins with the guardian first traveling to mars and facing the cabal. The rest of the campaign takes place in her ascendant realm where we face the returning enemy the Fallen and her hive.

The campaign was well-received by fans and critics who were saying it was one of the best campaigns in Destiny history only beaten out by the Forsaken campaign. The new Vow of the Disciple raid was liked but not considered one of the best raids. The new strikes are a little better than average but the reworks to gambit have been very controversial with many content creators saying that it has made the game mode even worse.

Although it didn’t fully live up to the hype it definitely was well received. Bungie has done a good job recently with their DLCs recently they have at least 1 more DLC left for Destiny 2.