Virtual reality headset is affordable and fun to use


Henry Anyimadu '23

Will Timmons ’24,tries out the VR headset available in the VR room.

Henry Estep '25, Contributing Writer

When I tried out virtual reality 4 years ago, it was an amazing first experience. I was at my friend’s house right after Christmas, he had just gotten the new PlayStation Virtual Reality (VR) Headset. When I put it on it actually felt like I was in that virtual world and it gave me the feeling of being the character in the game.

Four years later and with a lot of new technology, for my most recent birthday I got the Oculus Quest 2 Virtual reality headset by Facebook. I’ve had a lot of fun with it and have played around with almost every game there is. The Quest 2 is the newest and most innovative headset from Facebook’s Oculus line. It takes pride in the main feature of being the only wire-free VR experience. And I agree with them, it’s awesome to play wires-free. One of the main problems with other headsets is the wires that wrap around your feet and the fact that you need a computer to even use them.

The big selling point of the Quest 2 is the affordability and the computer free play, and that’s a big thing for a lot of people in the market for a headset. If you are planning on making content or are really serious about graphics and that very high-end speed performance, the Oculus line might not be for you. The top headsets when it comes to performance are $2000-3000 plus the price of a decent computer, I personally do not want to pay that much for the same game that I can play with the oculus for $1500 less.

The big selling point of the Quest 2 is the affordability and the computer free play, and that’s a big thing for a lot of people in the market for a headset.”

When it comes to games the Quest 2 is a very selective system, it basically only has the hugely popular games like Superhot or Beat saber. It does have an option to play other games if you have a link cable and a computer, which then you can play any games that are on your computer. Luckily I do have a computer that can run those games and I have tried a couple of them out and to be honest, the Oculus is a much better product with the added freedom of downloading any game you want and not just the games Facebook supports.

The Oculus has pretty decent hardware, it can run most games at 60 Frames per second (average). Now you might be thinking, how does it compare to the headsets at the top of the market, well it really doesn’t. Oculus is a product that focuses on affordability and ease of use, while most of the competition focuses on being high quality and lots of options. One of the best headsets on the market, The HTC Vive, is very good quality and by reviews, looks amazing in-game. But it does a completely different job than the Quest 2. My final rating would be a 9/10. It is a great experience and simple to set up, play, and is very effective.