Why De Smet Needs a Black Student Union


Kalle Evjen

The De Smet Jesuit Black Student Union hosted a version of the popular TV show “Wild’n Out” during the Mission Week closing assembly. In this game, Elijah Thomas ’23 and Dom Del Pietro trade respectful insults at each other.

Elijah Bryson and EJ Byas, Contributing Writers

By Elijah Bryson and EJ Byas

When faced with the question; “Why does De Smet have a Black Student Union (BSU)?” We resort to using our mission statement.  Simply stated, “The BSU supports the school’s mission by advocating for diversity and creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all students.” This is just one of the many positives about De Smet Jesuit’s BSU.

The past semester highlights just some of the positives that having a BSU adds to the De Smet.  New school events such as ‘Wild ‘N’ Out’, promoting cultural diversity, and establishing an environment where students can come together are only a few of the things the BSU brings to the De Smet Jesuit community. While the BSU has brought together the student body it has also provided opportunities for inclusion throughout the entire school.  As a BSU it is important that we provide events that are inclusive to everyone. As we spread the message about the BSU we try to reach everyone to ensure that we are continuing our goal of inclusiveness.

We also have big plans such as ways to involve and educate our student body about Black History Month. Our plans include a church service that is mission-centered, a trivia day during mission week to educate our student body, two movie nights about black culture and black history, and a skating party to get students together outside of school to support each other during the historic month. As a BSU it is important to stay active and plan big events to get the student body involved and stay relevant as a club.

Therefore, to answer the question about “why have a black student union?” We not only respond with words but we respond with our actions. Our actions reflect our main goals of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion throughout the De Smet community.