Reasoning for masks, lanyards for all students

Why students and faculty are required to wear masks and lanyards


Thomas Dolan

Due to COVID-19 masks and lanyards are mandatory for all students and faculty.

Thomas Dolan, Staff Writer

Due to COVID-19 masks and lanyards are mandatory for all students and faculty.

“They provide an extra layer of security in a landscape that demands that we be more vigilant about protecting teachers and students,” Dean of Students Peter Lenzini said. “We have not yet determined whether we will continue to use them after the masks become unnecessary.”

De Smet followed this notion after it became popularized at other schools and found it to be effective and necessary for students and faculty’s safety.

“It makes sure we do not have people in the halls that should not be there,” Mr. Lenzini said. “While teachers and staff are still very good at recognizing our students when masked, it is more challenging.”

The new uniform policy has gotten both positive and negative results from the students. Almost all of the students are in favor of wearing masks to protect each other. Contrary to that, some students are not for wearing the lanyards because they simply do not see the point.

“I’m fine with wearing the mask because I know that it will help us,” Freshman James Lane said. “I don’t really see why we need to wear the lanyards because we can just pull out our ID whenever we need it.”

Although some people find it annoying to wear the lanyards and do not see the point, others understand that it is necessary for identifying people.

“The masks are pretty good at preventing corona-virus and I like that we’re at school,” Sophomore Nolan Chickering said. “The lanyards, sometimes they get annoying but they help identify who we are.”

Mr. Lenzini is impressed on how complying students and faculty have been in response to all of the new COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions.

“I am grateful and proud of our students for how they have responded to the many changes to procedure we have made in order to create a safe environment,” Mr. Lenzini said. “We are doing this well, and it is awesome to see.”