Eddie Liu

September 12, 2019


Michael Dolan

Eddie Liu stands in the theatre for a photo.

What is the biggest difference education wise between China and America?
A: The difference between the subjects, we don’t have the acting class in China, we can have a better education here, broadening our perspectives through these classes.
Q: Have you tried any American fast food if so, what is your favorite?
A: The pasta and the red sauce is my favorite. It’s delicious and I used to eat it back in China and I also tried the traditional food in St. Louis”.
Q: What is your favorite subject to study in school?
A: The English class is my favorite. We read lots of novels and it will definitely improve my english skills and Mr. Dressler will take us through the class and I think it is really interesting to discuss the class together, he is a really humorous guy.
Q: What are your favorite hobbies to do outside of school?
A: I used to play badminton in China, but there is not a lot of places I can play here. But, I have also tried to play basketball and Ping Pong.
Q: What is the biggest difference between America and China overall?
A: I would say the food. It is very salty and sweet in the United States, while in China we eat a lot of hot, spicy foods. The cheese burger is probably my favorite American food.
Q: What is your favorite part of being an international student?
A: I think it is studying every subject in English, which improves my English a lot.

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