Fortnite vs Black Ops 4


Grant Stegman

The two biggest video games are now head to head in the battle royale game modes, but who takes the number one spot?

Nick Einig, Web Editor

The two most played games in the video game world are now rivals. Call of Duty (COD) just released their new game Black Ops 4 with a battle royale mode named Blackout. It is similar to Fortnite’s with a few differences.

The Call of Duty games have been around for a long time and is a major powerhouse in the gaming world but Fortnite claims the victory royale on the battle royale mode.

Even though Fortnite has been out for more than a year, Epic games has been continuously updating, changing, adding, and fixing things regularly which keeps players interested. COD releases a game every year, the game itself isn’t made to last more than 8 months until players get bored of it and wait for the new one. The fact that Fortnite updates regularly keeps players returning to the game and adding new players continuously. This past June, Fortnite had a player base of 125 million. On the other hand, the last Black Ops game, BO3, only had 26.46 million units sold.

Players can also do so much more in Fortnite with the use of utility weapons, building, karts, and in-game changes. Whereas in Blackout there’s just vehicles and zombies and a few utilities to use so far. Fortnite has so much diversity which allows for different play styles in comparison to Blackouts all-around “run and gun” play style. Another thing that makes players come back to Fortnite is that it has achieved the holy grail of gaming: cross platform, which allows for Playstation players to play with PC and PC with XBOX, as well as Xbox with Playstation.

On the other hand, Blackout did add the unique environment change of adding zombies to help players achieve victory or lose. Also, some players might like the real-ness of not being able to build, flying islands, impulse grenades and other things that just wouldn’t happen in real life. However, this allows for less of a learning curve, which gamers appreciate. Players like the challenge of learning how to do things better. Fortnite, being way more diversified allows for a learning curve on a lot of things.

In conclusion, Fortnite was made to last, which led to it being more diversified. The continuous adding and vaulting of new and old weapons keeps players interested as well as the in-game events that happen such as the seasons. Fortnite also has more for the player to learn, simple games make it easy for a player to master it which ends up not being as fun as it sounds. Therefore, Fortnite is the last game standing and takes the victory royale.