Political Parties should be gone


Art by: Ben Lightner

The Republican elephant and the Democratic donkey going head to head.

Since 1850, Democrats and Republicans have ruled the political system. We hear conversations like “Oh they are a liberal” or “They are a conservative”, etc. Some people think, “Why do we label people based on political parties?” Others think, “political parties exist because of democracy”.

Since 1994, the proportion of Americans with “a highly negative view” of the opposing party has doubled according to the Hill.com. What needs to happen is the government should turn into a non-partisan democracy. A non-partisan democracy is a systematic government where periodic elections take place without reference to political parties. George Washington’s farewell address warned America of political parties and how it would divide the country. Not just Washington but according to the Atlantic, most of the founding fathers wanted a nonpartisan democracy. The parties we have now are tearing people apart because of a label. This division is obvious; so many times today (and again not everyone) people don’t even compromise with the other parties ideas and shut them down right away because they are the opposing party’s ideas. In today’s world, a negative opinion is not what makes the country stronger. Voting for someone based on their personality would be way more productive versus voting based on parties. In an election, every candidate should be independent, and are free to speak their mind. Voters should choose the candidate they feel best represents them.

As stated before, since 1850, only the two major parties have won elections, making it almost impossible for the independent parties to win. This goes with the idea that every candidate should be independent and people vote on who represents them well enough. In today’s political world, parties don’t even compromise with each other. Here is modern thinking: Party A’s ideas are party A’s ideas. Party B’s ideas can’t be considered if one belongs to party A. This type of conversation is not what the country needs. At a time where division is almost inevitable, why create more division? Instead, people should be open to other people’s beliefs, not so against them.

Politics are a huge deal in America, and in every country. People have a lot of problems with our government. Some have ideas to make it better. This is just that. Eliminating political parties would eliminate yet another reason for the country to be divided.