A new home for students within the school


Brennan Dolnick

Senior Matt Linomaz launches a dodge ball toward the opposing team to win the competition for his house.

The house system has returned and the first house assembly since the fall of 2015 will be held Friday, November 2.

At the beginning of the year STUGO brainstormed ideas that could be put into the school and one of the things said was to bring back the house system. The house system was implemented a while back but it was forgotten about in the past few years and is now being brought back into the school. A house will be given to every homeroom in the school and their namesake is based on different Jesuits such as Brebeuf and Gonzaga.

“I think it’s important to bring back the house system because it’s gonna be a way to increase the school spirit,” senior Josh Abel said. “It will also make the students look at our school in a more positive way”

The systems will increase school leadership from all places of the school. The goal for the new house system is to expand the friendships across classes and grades, as well as make the school a more fun and engaging place for students. Throughout the year there will be various house events to compete in and win prizes, as well as daily things students can attend to earn points for their specific house such as going to sports games or volunteering for different things.

“I’m excited about it, I think at its essence it will ask students to be together and have fun together,” Director of Student Activities Michael Russo said. “I don’t see how it could be bad, at the very least if we get guys together it’s gonna be a fun time.”