Juice Wrld and Future released a collaborative album Oct 19 called Wrld on Drugs.

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Album review: Wrld on Drugs

October 29, 2018

WRLD ON DRUGS is a collaborative album from rappers Future and Juice Wrld that was released on October 19th, 2018.

There are many highlights to this album but there are many flaws to it as well. With both of their individual music mainly about drugs, this made a lot of sense. With Future’s trap sound and Juice Wrld’s emo-rap style, a good collaboration was expected. Juice Wrld is a relatively new artist that has recently dropped some popular singles that have been on the charts while Future has been in the game for a while and has been very successful. On this project, they should compliment each other and bring out each other’s sound but they do the opposite.

There are multiple times on the album where one artist is doing better on the track where the other is basically nonexistent. There are also tracks where the feature is basically making it their song because they take control of the track. An example of that is the song “Transformer” with Nicki Minaj, where Future is barely on the track and she brings more to the track than him. There are also times where the album feels rushed and not finished as one or both of the artists don’t sound like themselves.

There are multiple flaws on this album but there are some good points on it as well. There are tracks were Future and Juice Wrld are both pulling their weight and making their own personal styles sound good together. On most of their featured songs, they are actually sounding good together and the feature sounds good with them. Future and Juice Wrld are both great artists in their own right but this project just wasn’t. Like the other collab albums Future has been on, he just can’t work together with the other artist.


Favorite Tracks: Jet Lag, Different (feat. Yung Bans), Oxy (feat. Lil Wayne)

Least Favorite Track: WRLD On Drugs

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