Your in-depth guide to binge scary movies on Halloween

When's a better time to  watch scary movies besides Halloween? Here's your guide for all in-season movies.

Grant Stegman

When's a better time to watch scary movies besides Halloween? Here's your guide for all in-season movies.

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The Most Underrated Halloween Movies of Recent Years

#3 Hush (Flanagan 2016)

STORYLINE: Hush is a story about a woman and her daily life while being deaf. One night she sees a crazed man in a hockey mask appear at her sliding glass door and must fight for her life.

WHY IT’S UNDERRATED: Not a lot of scary movies in recent years have been genuinely scary. For me, genuinely scary is about putting myself in the story. The way that the camera works in the movie is incredible and the viewers often see things that the woman doesn’t. It gives the viewers an idea of what will happen, making some parts of the movie scarier.

#2 Hereditary (Aster 2018)

STORYLINE: After the death of their grandmother, a family starts to witness strange phenomena and unravels a dark family secret.

WHY IT’S UNDERRATED: Here is another movie that is extremely scary. Putting oneself in the story is super scary. We all have grandma’s, which makes it more relatable. Even though it has a high score on rotten tomatoes, it is rarely talked about and few people have seen it.

#1 The Strangers (Bertino 2008)

STORYLINE: When we go on vacation, we expect fun. This couple expected the same thing. However, three strangers in masks provide the couple with a vacation to remember.

WHY IT’S UNDERRATED: The movie contains everything you want in a scary movie: absolute fear. The movie contains one of the most underrated scenes and quite frightening dialogues of all time. One of the main characters asks one of the three Strangers, “Why are we under attack?”. The Stranger answers with, “because you were home”. The scene ends with a unfortunate twist.

Two of the Most Overrated Scary Movies From The 21st Century

#2 It (Muschietti 2017)

WHY IS IT OVERRATED?: The movie couldn’t compare the book whatsoever. The book gave more detail, more scary moments and overall plot. The movie is scary but only at some points. There were few times that the movie was actually scary; the rest was just a clown. The clown could’ve been actually scary like described in the marvelous book.

#1 Saw (Wan 2004)

WHY IS IT OVERRATED?: The movie is thought of as scary because of one thing: gore. The gore is the only thing that makes this movie even in the category of scary. The plot is absolutely horrible, some would argue there is no plot. The gore tries to make up for it. Sadly, it doesn’t. Also, the poor sequels do not help the cause.

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